IHP Supports Empowering Women in Infrastructure: WIN’s Inclusive Network Shines in Halifax Event

IHP Sponsors Empowering Women in Infrastructure: WIN's Inclusive Network Shines in Halifax Event



The Women’s Infrastructure Network (WIN) stands out as a beacon of inclusivity and support in the infrastructure world, where traditionally male-dominated spaces are gradually evolving. Operating globally in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, WIN boasts a membership exceeding 3,000 and continues to grow, fostering connections through networking events and development programs.

Originating as an informal community in New York and Washington, D.C., WIN has rapidly expanded, establishing chapters in the western United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. This growth signifies an influential movement within the industry, creating spaces for women to meet, exchange ideas, and actively shape the infrastructure agenda in their respective regions.

Chapter Structure and Inclusivity:

WIN’s structure is designed for maximum impact, with regional groups within each chapter supporting infrastructure communities and providing networking opportunities. WIN is unique in its inclusive policy—there are no subscription charges, making it accessible to women at all levels in the infrastructure industry. The network spans various disciplines, including government, industry, infrastructure and pension funds, multi-laterals, commercial and investment banks, accounting and law firms, financial advisory, and engineering and construction firms.

Event Spotlight – “Optimizing Strategic Foresign in Infrastructure”:

In 2024, WIN kicked off its event calendar with a groundbreaking speaker session hosted at the Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The event, titled “Optimizing Strategic Foresight in Infrastructure: How can you bring the future to your work today?” featured Kary Shannon, Project Director for Strategic Foresight for Long Range Planning for Population Growth at the Office of Priorities and Planning, Province of Nova Scotia.

Kary Shannon, a founding Steering Committee Member of WIN’s Halifax-Atlantic Chapter, shared insights into strategic foresight and its crucial role in navigating the ever-evolving infrastructure landscape. Attendees gained valuable perspectives on integrating forward-thinking approaches into their professional endeavours.

IHP’s Sponsorship and our own IHP’s Rae Burke – Event Leadership:

The success of this event was further amplified by the sponsorship from IHP, a testament to their commitment to supporting initiatives that promote diversity and excellence within the industry. Rae, one of the lead and host organizers of the event, demonstrated exceptional leadership in bringing together the logistics and ensuring a seamless experience for all participants. Supported by the dedicated Steering Committee Members, Rae’s expertise and passion for creating impactful events were evident throughout the evening.

WIN’s Halifax event showcased the network’s dedication to empowering women in infrastructure and highlighted the collaborative spirit that drives progress within the industry. As WIN continues to expand its reach, events like these serve as influential milestones in fostering connections, inspiring professionals, and shaping a more inclusive future for the infrastructure sector.

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