About Us


Get to know more about Insight Health Tech Planning (IHP) Inc.


Insight Health Tech Planning (IHP) Inc. is a healthcare technology planning firm with offices in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Tennessee. Established in June 2014, IHP is a fully licensed engineering firm recognized by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO). Our core focuses include healthcare FF&E and ICAT consulting services. IHP’s growth has been strategically calculated and planned, ensuring that we consistently meet or exceed our commitments to our clients.

Our Mission


WE LISTEN to you – our clients, project owners, architects, project managers, and contractors. We listen to understand your goals for the project, and we learn your expectations and limitations, whether operational, clinical, or financial. We prioritize and balance your needs with resources and work closely with you to find the best solutions.


WE INNOVATE how equipment, furniture, and communication systems are budgeted, planned, documented, and coordinated during design, construction, procurement, and installation. IHP is focused on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the project team.


WE DELIVER timely services, support, and documentation to the project team, enabling our ultimate client  – the owner – to deliver the best care to their patients .

Our Methodology

Clinical FF&E, non-clinical FF&E, communication systems, and information technology infrastructure collectively constitute the second-largest expense in a project budget, ranking just below construction costs. Effective development and management of the FF&E budget are crucial from project inception through design, construction, procurement, and start-up.

In addition to budget oversight, providing and gathering detailed technical information is equally essential. Architects, engineers, and contractors depend on this information for proper design, coordination, and construction of the building and its systems—including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and technology infrastructure.

Seamlessly integrating technology planning into the project’s planning, design, construction, and procurement processes, our services are tailored to meet the needs of architects, engineers, contractors, and, most importantly, the owner.

We deliver a comprehensive team of technical and clinical professionals with profound healthcare project experience. This expertise spans Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) planning, equipment and furniture drawing development, Information Communication Automation Technology (ICAT), Edge (user) IT/Comm Devices, capital planning, project delivery, procurement, and alternative procurement methods.

Our Core Values


We prioritize honesty, transparency, and unwavering commitment to what benefits our clients and our company.

Privacy and Security

As trusted consultants, we actively cultivate trust through dedication to transparency, security, compliance, privacy, and outstanding performance.


Innovation drives us. We embrace risk to foster curiosity, learn from mistakes, and consistently exceed expectations. This innovative culture extends to our workplace and the broader industry.


We ardently champion diversity, actively working towards creating an inclusive workplace that fosters and values many ideas and opinions.

Win Together

Unified as one team, we collaborate with empathy and respect, supporting each other throughout our journey.


We challenge the status quo, setting an example and trusting that others will follow suit.

Client First

In tune with our clients' needs, we craft solutions that tackle real challenges. Going beyond expectations, we treat our customers with the respect we value.


Passion infuses excitement into everything we do and how we do it. With passion at the core of our actions, we nurture ideas and inspire excellence.

Say It, Do It

Our commitment to integrity is manifested in honouring our commitments. We don't just talk the talk; we prove our words through our actions.

Our Team Members

Our team’s collective strength lies in its diversity, spanning across North America and overseas, weaving a rich tapestry of backgrounds, cultures, and expertise. It is this diversity that empowers us to approach projects with a comprehensive understanding, ensuring success and fostering innovation at every step.
Take a moment to get acquainted with some of our showcased employees who form an integral part of our broader team. Each member brings a unique skill set, valuable experience, and a local presence, contributing to the success of every project.

Abdulsalam Jaber

MScEng, P.Eng, PE, CCE, Consulting Engineer

Managing Principal and Designated Consulting Engineer by Professional Engineers Ontario

Abdulsalam is dedicated to transforming his clients’ visions into reality. He is a proficient leader who strongly focuses on cultivating and supporting a robust, dynamic team. He is meticulous in selecting the right team for each project, ensuring a seamless alignment of project scope with the requisite expertise. Boasting over 25 years of global experience, he has effectively spearheaded FF&E planning initiatives for numerous renovations and new construction projects. His expertise spans master planning, capital planning, project budget development, and procurement, showcasing a proven successful project leadership track record.

Steven Shearer

B.Sc. (Radiology), Lead Six Sigma (Black Belt)


A seasoned professional with profound knowledge and expertise, Steve commenced his career in Radiology, specializing in interventional imaging. With over 25 years of experience, he has been a stalwart in providing specialized medical equipment planning, coordination, and consulting services for healthcare design and construction projects on a global scale. Steve has excelled in leading planning initiatives, focusing on technology assessments, strategic capital planning, project budget development, and delineating equipment needs to align with master plans, designs, and construction projects. His career is a testament to his successful and impactful contributions to the healthcare industry.

Rae Burke


Director Procurement and Logistics Advisory Services

Rae is an innovative and resourceful Supply Chain Management Professional with a wealth of clinical supply chain experience, boasting a remarkable tenure of over 20 years in the industry. Her expertise has been instrumental in collaborating with interdisciplinary project teams across Canada, particularly in completing healthcare institutions. Rae has successfully overseen and executed numerous highly complex competitive bid processes, showcasing her adept management and supervisory skills.

Her extensive knowledge and proficiency in policy development, as well as project and contract management, have significantly contributed to the overall success of numerous projects. Rae’s dedication to excellence has left a lasting impact on the field of clinical supply chain management.

Vince Ranieri


Director ICAT Planning and Senior Healthcare Technology Advisor

As the Director of ICAT Planning Lead and a Senior Healthcare Technology Advisor, Vince brings two decades of hands-on experience in healthcare technology solutions. His diverse journey, ranging from Technical Architect to Management and CTO, showcases his adaptability in navigating the complex technical landscape. Pivotal in guiding hospitals to integrate technology for strategic goals, Vince offers versatility and proficiency, contributing meaningfully to technology planning and management in healthcare.

In leadership, Vince specializes in restructuring, team building, crafting infrastructure and clinical informatics strategies, and overseeing technology redevelopment projects. His technical expertise spans infrastructure technology, clinical informatics, cybersecurity, and AI/ML. Committed to innovation, Vince ensures the delivery of exceptional healthcare outcomes.

Peter Austin


Senior Healthcare Technology Planner

Peter is a detail-oriented team player with over 20 years of healthcare experience from both hospital and vendor perspectives. His expertise spans front-line biomedical work, integration, redevelopment, renovation, equipment, and general management. Peter has demonstrated successful leadership in the drafting, editing, and submission of FF&E-related project-specific output specifications (PSOS) and technical specifications for substantial healthcare projects in Canada. Notably, a significant portion of Peter’s PSOS work has been completed in conjunction with drafting the Project Agreement (PA).

David Falagario


Senior Healthcare Technology Planner

David is a highly motivated and provincially/nationally certified Biomedical Engineering Professional, boasting over 20 years of comprehensive experience, including people management. He demonstrates strong team collaboration and has a proven track record of providing significant contributions through technical expertise and innovative, strategic thinking for various corporate-wide initiatives. David is customer-focused and dedicated to continuous personal and team development, embodying a commitment to excellence in his professional journey.

Omar Alamir


Senior Healthcare Technology Planner

Omar brings over 20 years of practical experience, excelling in participation and leadership roles in international healthcare projects. His expertise spans general biomedical equipment, imaging, and computerized systems. In addition, Omar has successfully navigated frontline positions, demonstrating sound judgment in handling sensitive customer challenges.

Sofia Osman


Furniture Lead and Architectural Technologist

Sofia is a creative and hardworking design professional with over seven years of experience in the architecture and planning industry, specializing in diverse redevelopment projects. Her expertise includes providing FF&E consultations, budget development, architectural coordination, and specification development for healthcare institutions. Sofia is proficient in utilizing design software, leading in BIM360 and AutoCAD drawing support throughout projects. Her versatile skill set and extensive knowledge contribute to successful outcomes in the dynamic field of architecture and planning.

Wissam Eltbi

MScEng, PEng

Healthcare Technology and SI Specialist

Wissam is a multilingual professional proficient in English, French, and Arabic, with 17 years of diverse experience in the healthcare industry across Canada and internationally, spanning four continents. Prioritizing efficiency and patient care, Wissam has played a vital role in designing, implementing, and managing cutting-edge medical and technical projects. His extensive global experience positions him as a valuable asset in navigating the complexities of healthcare initiatives.

Megan Melville


Procurement and Logistics Advisory Services – Specialist

In a span of just six years, Megan has demonstrated remarkable initiative and determination, accumulating a wealth of knowledge in clinical procurement. Her leadership has successfully guided numerous multidisciplinary teams through the end-to-end Public Procurement process, often in scenarios marked by significant complexity and risk. Megan’s expertise extends to providing valuable procurement and logistics advice, ensuring clients receive optimal value for FF&E that aligns with their clinical requirements. Notably, she navigates these processes with meticulous adherence to applicable regulations, guidelines, laws, and trade agreements.

Khaled Abouelleil


Healthcare Technology Specialist

With over 20 years of experience in healthcare projects, Khaled is a highly respected and analytical thinker. He excels in leading teams and implementing medical equipment scopes for turnkey projects. As a critical liaison for significant projects in Canada, Khaled has successfully conducted onsite inventories, post-installation inspections, and commissioning activities. His commitment to excellence, proven leadership and technical expertise make Khaled a valuable asset in healthcare project management.

Aseel Abu-Snaineh


Project Coordinator

Aseel, an enthusiastic Civil Engineer (EIT), brings three years of experience as a dedicated team player on multiple projects. She excels in project planning, drawing development, and internal coordination for timely deliverables. Aseel’s expertise with Revit, AutoCAD, and BIM360 is evident in her detailed work, focusing on engineering drawings, room templates, and accurate depictions. Her proactive and collaborative approach makes her a valuable asset to any engineering team, ensuring project success.

Daniel Shaw


Healthcare Technology Planner

Daniel is a passionate, dedicated, and hard-working Biomedical Engineering Technologist with over three years of experience in Healthcare Technology Planning. His expertise spans architectural design and knowledge in enabling technologies, sales, and medical equipment service. These skills contribute to his successful involvement in FF&E planning, inventory assessment, data systems, project management, specification development, budget estimates, and procurement support. Daniel’s multifaceted abilities make him a valuable asset in the healthcare technology field.

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