10 Years of Insight Health Tech Planning: A Journey of Innovation and Dedication

10 Years of Insight Health Tech Planning: A Journey of Innovation and Dedication

We always dream of a better life for ourselves and our loved ones, often forgetting that hard work must be accompanied by complete faith in God’s grace (توفيق الله).

A decade has passed since Insight Health Tech Planning (IHP) began. When I shared the idea with my family, my children embraced it eagerly, while my wife approached it cautiously. Despite uncertainties, we pressed forward, facing challenges and emotions without succumbing to despair, sustained by faith in God and unwavering support from family, colleagues, and friends.

At IHP, we are committed to delivering exceptional service to our trusted clients. We see ourselves as integral team members, ensuring the successful completion of every task. Our team has fully embraced this philosophy and culture. At IHP, we are one team, one family, one body. We support and hold each other accountable with respect.

We have grown as a team and improved our service delivery throughout this journey. We have fully embraced digital technology and advanced platforms, utilizing our robust web-based database, Planify, developed by our partner Fulgur Software Solutions.

I want to acknowledge some individuals who have supported and continue to support IHP: my wife Muna, my children Dr. Shatha, Shahed, Mohammed, and Ahmed, as well as my mentors and friends Peter Wegener and Steve Shearer. Additionally, I want to recognize our team of superb individuals who have and continue to deliver exceptional work: Vince Ranieri, David Falagario, Sofia Osman, Omar Al Amir, Peter Austin, Denise Maw, Rae Burke, Khaled Abouelleil, and Aseel Abu-Snaineh. They have been instrumental in our success. To the rest of the IHP family across Canada and the USA, you all play a vital role in our journey, contributing to our growth and achievements.

At this moment, I must pay tribute to my late father, whose support and mentorship, coupled with his unconditional belief in my mission, have been invaluable. Your love, time, and efforts spent raising me and my eight siblings have paid off. Thank you; I am forever in your debt.

To our friends, clients, business associates, and peers, thank you for believing in us, trusting us, and welcoming us into your teams. We are committed to continuously improving to ensure your complete satisfaction.

To My Beloved Wife, Muna, Our journey together has revealed itself to be far more than a short-term adventure; it is a lifelong mission we share. Thank you for your unwavering support and everything you give quietly and gracefully each day.

Finally, I want to thank God for His grace and blessings. و آخر دعوانا أن الحمد لله رب العالمين.

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