46th Annual Canadian Medical, Biological, and Clinical Engineering Society Conference

CMBEC46/CESO 2024 Joint Conference: Toronto Hosts the Largest and Most Successful Gathering in the History of Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society and Clinical Engineering Society of Ontario

Toronto – May 28-30, 2024

Blog by: Peter Austin – June 10, 2024


 Toronto, Ontario, May 28: The CMBEC46/CESO 2024 Joint Conference, held in Toronto from May 28 to May 30, marked a significant milestone for biomedical and clinical engineering professionals across Canada. This collaborative effort between the Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society and the Clinical Engineering Society of Ontario resulted in their history’s largest and most well-attended conference. As a proud member of the volunteer organizing committee, I helped recruit and organize exhibitors, sponsors, and market advertising space in the program. As part of a “green” initiative, the organizing committee used the SwapCard app to provide a paperless, easy-to-use platform with scheduling, promotion, networking, and lead generation capabilities.

Engaging Keynote Speakers and Presentation Streams
 The event featured compelling keynote presentations on topics like generative AI in healthcare, precision medicine, and women in STEM. Notable speakers included Dr. Bo Wang and Dr. Ronald Cohn, who captivated the audience with their insights and expertise. Presentation streams covered a broad range of subjects, including innovation, continuing education, clinical engineering, and hospital site tours, ensuring there was something for everyone.

Academic Program Highlights
The academic program was a treasure trove of knowledge, featuring poster presentations on innovative topics such as wearable biofeedback systems, virtual reality for mental health, and machine learning for predicting knee kinematics. Workshops and panels delved into medical imaging, device design, healthcare informatics, and regulatory affairs, showcasing theoretical and practical advancements.

Clinical Engineering Program
The clinical engineering program highlighted crucial advancements in the field, focusing on optimizing preventive maintenance, ensuring patient safety during infant transportation, and integrating patient monitoring with device interoperability. The innovations in biomedical engineering test equipment inspection underscored the ongoing improvements in clinical engineering practices.

Industry Innovation Program
Sessions within the industry innovation program addressed integrating modern healthcare systems, interoperability, and data security. Topics such as the impact of AI on healthcare, telehealth, and remote monitoring were discussed, providing valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in the evolving healthcare landscape.

Continuing Education Program
Designed to enhance the skills of healthcare professionals, the continuing education program covered essential topics like cybersecurity in healthcare, connected ecosystems for clinical communication, and alarm management fundamentals. These sessions ensured that attendees were well-equipped to tackle current and emerging challenges in the field.

Special Sessions and Activities
The conference also featured special sessions on the right to repair, digital health ecosystems, and the impact of AI. Activities such as hospital tours and networking opportunities, including the Awards Gala Dinner, provided valuable insights and facilitated the exchange of innovative ideas among peers.

Medical Device Trade Show: Showcasing Cutting-Edge Technology
A significant highlight of the conference was the two-day medical device trade show, which attracted 32 exhibitors and a record number of participants. Exhibitors showcased the latest advancements in medical technology, including ventilators, test equipment, IV pumps, patient beds, endoscopes, physiological monitors, and 3D printing technology. This exhibition offered attendees a firsthand look at the innovations transforming the healthcare landscape.

 Final Thoughts
The CMBEC46/CESO 2024 Joint Conference was a remarkable event filled with educational and networking opportunities that left all attendees well-informed and inspired. The event successfully brought together a diverse group of professionals, fostering an environment of collaboration and learning. The combination of educational content, interactive exhibits, and networking opportunities created a dynamic and enriching experience for everyone.

As the conference concluded, I felt invigorated and inspired by the wealth of knowledge and experiences gained. The CMBEC46/CESO 2024 Joint Conference showcased the transformative power of interdisciplinary collaboration and the unwavering commitment of the Canadian biomedical and clinical engineering community to improving healthcare delivery. The event’s success underscores the importance of continuous innovation, education, and networking in advancing healthcare technology.

Partial group photo of the Conference Organizing Committee, capturing the members who were available during the photoshoot.
Partial group photo of the Conference Organizing Committee, capturing the members who were available during the photoshoot.

Peter Austin MBA, P. Eng., PIA Senior Healthcare Technology Planner

Peter is a meticulous collaborator with over 20 years of healthcare experience from hospital and vendor perspectives. His expertise spans front-line biomedical work, integration, redevelopment, renovation, equipment, and general management. Peter has demonstrated successful leadership in the drafting, editing, and submission of FF&E-related project-specific output specifications (PSOS) and technical specifications for substantial healthcare projects in Canada. Notably, a significant portion of Peter’s PSOS work has been completed in conjunction with drafting the Project Agreement (PA).