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Equipment Services

We were established in 2014, A small firm with accumulative wealth of experience in the area of medical device service and inspection. We provide a diverse, but yet solid, experience in the area of medical equipment inspection and maintenance. We are committed to deliver a high quality of service that meets or exceeds industry standards.
Some of the main services are:

  • Equipment and technology planning for healthcare facilities, working with
  • Provide repair and maintenance services for a wide range of medical, dental and laboratory equipment
  • Work in corporation with the facility to develop inspection plan

  • Develop check lists and inspection schedules
  • Complete equipment inspection as per manufacturer’s recommendations and industry standards
  • Provide equipment inspection report, outlining the equipment status and life cycle assessment
  • Provide repair recommendations for the equipment that are found faulty or might be at risk of becoming faulty
  • Work in corporation with the facility to develop and schedule inspections

  • Provide medical scope, Fixable and Ridged, assessment and inspection
  • Preparing an inventory and assessment of existing equipment
  • Develop and manage equipment service plans and budgets
  • Develop device integration requirements
  • Develop and assist in implementing device integration plan
  • Prepare technical specifications