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Equipment Planning Services

This service is provided for client that have a requirement for new build, renovation or any projects they might be undertaking, some of the equipment planning services provided are :

  • Existing Equipment assessment
  • Develop Equipment Responsibilities Matrix
  • Develop Project Specific Equipment List and Estimate

Design Development services

  • Equipment Work Sessions during Design Development
  • Develop Equipment Budgets
  • Manage Equipment Data Project during Design
  • Technical Data “Cut” Sheets
  • Updates to Equipment List and Budget
  • Equipment Utility and Spatial Requirements and Data Reports
  • Equipment Placement Coordination
  • Assist in equipment selection to support the design and workflows
  • Vendor Drawings
  • Final Equipment Review for Sign-off

Construction Documents

  • Utility Reports
  • Installation Responsibilities
  • Equipment by ID
  • Equipment by Alphabetical List
  • Equipment by Room
  • Equipment Distribution Report
  • Contractor Responsibilities
  • Contractor Installed Items by Room
  • Manufacturer Data Sheets
  • Construction Document package for Architecturally Significant Equipment (ASE).

Construction Support Services

  • Equipment Procurement & Delivery Schedule
  • Confirm Architecturally Significant Equipment (ASE) Installation Responsibilities
  • Respond to Requests for Information
  • Coordinate Equipment Changes to Project Documents

Equipment Procurement Services

  • Equipment Procurement & Delivery Schedule
  • Develop tender document
  • Develop technical and performance equipment specifications
  • Develop equipment tender Packages
  • Develop procurement schedule to align with the construction schedule
  • Coordinate with the contractor for equipment delivery

Healthcare Technology Planning

  • Medical Equipment Automation
  • Device Interoperability
  • Device connectivity

Commissioning Services